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Vegan Resources


Monthly Public Dinners

HOST YOUR OWN HEALTHY VEGAN DINNER EVENT: ESM Event Coordinator can help you create a private event- just pick a date, supply a place and set a max number of guests. Prepare food or call it a MiniPotluck. We supply DVD documentary, free literature for your guests, even a speaker for larger gatherings. Hold a discussion, do testimonials, recipe exchange, food demo, movie screening. **Dates and Venues may change - before you travel verify/update on our Events page.


I am Vegan

Music Video & Song by Neil Kaplan Copyright 2012 LYRICS: I am the minority, but I will not be silenced I am outnumbered, but I'll never stop the fight...



ESM may assist in forming carpools to attend monthly public dinner-events


Printable Literature - EarthSave Miami Flyers


From The Chair

Comments, Blogs, Articles from current/past Chairpersons


Core Members

Volunteer CORE Group manages activities and policies


Fun Food

Food isn't just for eating. Creative artistic displays, Table centerpieces, Food Art



Discover links to useful resources


Health Links

Medical, nutritional science of plant-based food and healthy, holistic vegan lifestyle


Places To Eat

Vegan cuisine is widely available and growing in popularity



Selected, time-tested TRY VEGAN recipes for you



Free, downloads of informative, educational presentations


Restaurant Reviews

Collected reviews of local eateries by EarthSavers


Recommended Movies

Documentaries and educational films to inspire and inform


Take It With You

Tips & Guidance for traveling vegan lifestyle


Wish List

Haves and Wants for organization or iindividual EarthSavers