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Baptist Hospital Food-service Breakthrough

EarthSave is pleased to document a breakthrough in patient food-service by Baptist Hospital’s Chef Stan Hodes, in consultation with Mary Shaw, R.D. and EarthSave Vegan Outreach Educator, Chef Estela WindWalker Delgado.

EarthSaver in-patients, including cardiology and gastroenterology cases, have long sought healthy, vegan, plant-based meals from Baptist’s Food Service in vain.  Those with high sensitivities to GMO’s, irradiation, pesticides, chemical additives, gluten, etc., and followers of T. Colin Campbell’s WFPB (‘Whole Food Plant-based’) Culinary Philosophy or Hippocrates’ famous stratagem “Let food be thy medicine” simply postponed their expectation of complete healing until post-discharge.

This meal, delivered to an ordinary patient, contains: organic/non-GMO tofu, hummus with No Added Oil, a mix of colorful veggie slices not overcooked… and earns our Certificate of Appreciation.

Highly-ranked Baptist Hospital just improved their rating, at least in our opinion.  For additional improvements EarthSave recommends our compact Food 4 Life - Healthy Vegan Guidelines.

EarthSavePOD supports the work of PlantPure Communities:  www.plantpurecommunities.org/school-lunch/

EarthSaveMiami.org understands the important role of 'Food 4 Life' in public schools and institutions, for health maintenance and healing. Resources: www.healthyschoolfood.org/   www.vrg.org/family/kidsindex.htm  www.pcrm.org/health/healthy-school-lunches


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