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TeamEarthSave plus You

T e a m EarthSave Wants YOU!

Earth-saving is JOB#1, requires a Team effort! 

√Get meat off the global menu

√Shift humanity's food paradigm

√Reset the Man-Nature balance

√Virtual team for real-world tasks


Coach Wiser Adviser "Let plants be thy meat"

Captain VeganMan "Healthy people need a healthy planet"

Trainer Prof. Veghead, VhD "Follow my 1+1+1... = 1 Formula"

Vegan2018 Strategy:

1) raise your personal VQ - iSave

2) upgrade your habitat's VQ - HomeSave

3) use the 'Butterfly Effect' - EarthSave

4) help thy neighbor - VegSave

NO-MEAT TEAM.  "Our TeaM turns MeaT around to Save the Planet."

  1. Research
  2. Education
  3. Social Action
  4. Social Media
  5. Vegan Events
  6. Personal Transformation

Not by job titles or bureaucracies but by deeds, values and commitments!

A global citizen lives locally while bearing global responsibilities.  The Healthy Vegan Lifestyle is our primary tool for sustainability, compassion and health.  Vegtastic Arts expand our cultural-educational voice.

What is TeamEarthSave?  A virtual community service which supports the core vegan values: Hygienic-Humane-Holistic-Holy (religious or spiritual option) and Mission 1-2-3.

Who's on the Team?  EarthSave Ambassadors, Volunteers and CORE Administrative Group used to comprise it.  New Team Guidelines engage and involve EarthSavers everywhere.

What does the Team do?  Support local earthsavemiami.org free public dinners, community outreach programs and educational services in Florida, USA.  Global Team works anywhere, anytime.

Our record?  Lectures, Movie Screenings, Entertainment, Partees, Fundraisers, Activism, Community Welfare, Mini-Potlucks, Vegucation, Healthy Vegan Lifestyle Support, Camaraderie and Great Food for 21 years!

Who can join and how?  Via the internet and our vibrant social media platforms anyone, anywhere can participate in Mission1-2-3.

Why join? EarthSave's robust toolkit ( iSave, HomeSave et. al.) can educate or motivate you to raise your Vegan Quotient then pass it on to family, friends and colleagues.  Your teamwork adjusts easily to your personal:  a) priorities  b) free time  c) resources

Member or Ambassador?   Members learn and practice the Healthy Vegan Lifestyle - Ambassadors perform Vegan Actions to teach others and have a wider impact in Mission1-2-3.

Vegan Rewards Actions for local events:


Vegan Outreach = Alert the uninformed, Encourage starters, Support practitioners and Dispel myths

EarthSavers are fortunate to have AWESOME PRESENTERS who ‘recharge your spirit’ with foundational ideas, wisdom and motivation.  Plus musicians, authors, business people and activists who share their talent, organizational programs and ethical-Vegan philosophy.

EarthSave Tee-Shirts - the Human Billboard

VOLUNTEERS WANTED: manage social media- Pinterest Twitter
More Span Translations__
Creole translations__

Since the founding of EarthSave International Foundation EarthSavers range from occasional/curious to dedicated/fully engaged educators, activists, exemplars.  Already scores if not hundreds of grassroots splinter groups, corporate, institutional and cultural, are spreading our Vegan Messages.  Over 3,300 subscribers to eDIGEST by earthsavemiami.org.

With improved Social Media TEAM EarthSave invites everyone back to 'EcoCenter' where we can re-organize, re-deploy and re-generate our Vegan Values in a mutually-supportive dynamic.

It's all about advancing Mission1-2-3, ie. 'Saving Earth One Bite at a Time.'

You&EarthSave zeke

A. Social media (Manage Pinterest Twitter or Instagram; do Span or CreoleTranslations: Video Editing)

B. Hospitality (provide transportation or lodging for visiting Speakers; host your own MiniPotluck)

C. Events (Staff at Tamarac or Gables Dinners, do EarthSave Booth or Table at special events)

D. Outreach Ambassador
1- ESave biz Cards in your purse/wallet
2- Be a walking-talking avatar by inviting people, sharing in your circles,

EarthSaver VolunteerPower
Earth Wants YOU! Earth-Saving is NOT an option!
More Span Translations__
Creole translations__

TeamES. Having operated 21 years continuously and message-consistently (with foundation support) ESM’s actual Ambassador List is just a tip of our iceberg - Members-subscribers form a spectrum from casual to zealot- hundreds, thousands of message-specific groups, organizations and followers. TES invites far-flung and widespread operators to EcoCenter - embrace the Core Vegan Values Set: Holistic (HomeSave re-packages global systems as households; Permaculture & Organica,...) Hygienic (iSave blends all genuine sources: HealthScience.org-Natural Healing-PCRM++.) Humane (EarthSavers impact farmed animals and up to 1million species of swimming-flying-walking wildlife) Holy(religious and spiritual domains weave tradition and beliefs from Pachemama to to ...)

TEst: Maria@earthsavemiami.org

POST- TeamES calling… allocate space for two ESave biz Cards in your purse or wallet… give the first one to someone you like whom you’d like to save-protect our planet, people and animals. Give the second to someone you don’t know who seems willing to make a difference in their lives and globally. Do it within 10 days -thank you. PS. Get biz cards at any ES event

Projects:ReBUILD esm.org Recipe Section….. Transforming good recipes into better ones ie. No Added Oil; based on EarthSave's endorsement of PlantPure Culinary Philosophy by Campbell-Esselstyn et. al.

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