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Plant-Based CAM Practitioner Consultant Certification Program

1. What is plant based health?

Plant Based Health is the use of medicinal plant materials; Essential Oils & related Medicinal Herbs as an option to synthetics chemicals, for better health.

2. Why do you need to become certified in Plant-Based Health?

The PB-CAM Certification, gives an individual the "backbone", knowledge and recognition of a Plant Based Practice, with over twenty-eight (28) year history, of research & practice in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM).

3. What will I learn by attending this course?

Participants will learn present day health warnings on the four Lifestyle areas, connected to many of our illnesses; Chemicals in the AIR we BREATH, in the WATER/BEVERAGE we DRINK, the PRODUCTS/MEDICINE'S we USE and the FOODS we EAT (Foods that feeds illnesses, foods that starved illnesses). in addition to plant-based options to better health.

4. After I complete the course, pass the exam and receive certification, what's next?

After successful completion and PB-CAM Certification an individual will have the knowledge to offer consultations through education, based on the science that is seldom practiced in a medical consultation, and offer plant-based lifestyle options for a non-toxic Healthcare and Maintenance . In addition, individuals will have the knowledge to develop their own Plant Based Product line.


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Getting Started

How do I get started?

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  3. after login into course View "Welcome to the PB-CAM Course" Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPW4mSXGGCI
  4. Students can request a live review after each of the four Levels to Certification

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Plant Based-Complementary Alternative Medicine Practitioner Consultant Cert. Course Brief Intro..


More About the Course

The course material is for you if your interest is in Plant Essential Oils and Medicinal Herbs as a unique, extremely effectual practice in today’s Plant Based Health & Maintenance, and for those wanting to develop their own Plant Based (non-toxic) product line.

No time limit; finish at your own pace with continuous educational support, may be practiced independently or integrated with other Health Practices. This is the complete 4 Level Certification Course, (formerly a $1,500 in -classroom course)

Based on 28 years of gathering data from today’s science, connecting chemical exposures to many of our illnesses and the uses of Plant-Based Medicinal Materials, as options for better health. This original material focuses on reducing chemicals from: the air we breath, the products/ medications we use, water/beverage we drink & foods we eat.

This course includes:

  • PB-CAM Course Manual
  • 24 blending videos
  • original product formulations
  • and the complete course in audio lectures

The Instructors are available to answer any of your questions during Office hours for educational support, Monday-Friday.

Plant-Based Health in Complementary Alternative Medicine (PB-CAM)

On-Line Practitioner Consultant Certification Course
2016 Plant-Based Health Education In your home, at your own pace with our Online Home Study Program
Follow your passion…

Join the growing demand for Plant-Based Health Make a difference in someone’s Health Care & Maintenance

See for yourself…

You Will Learn

The options for better health we incorporate in our education and practice each has scientific validations, and anecdotal information, based on the following:

  1. Plant Essential Oils in synergies, neat, blends & active ingredients in product development.
  2. Herbs in Tea Form and Tincture
  3. Plant Probiotic-Kombucha
  4. Plant Foods-what feeds an illness, what starves an illness
  5. Plant Based Products replacement for synthetic chemically-based toxic products

4 Levels to Certification

  1. Chemical Exposure(s) and known illnesses
  2. Medicinal Plant Materials (essential oils & related herbs)
  3. Developing your own Plant Based Product Line
  4. The PB-CAM Practitioner

About PB-CAM

PB-CAMlogoPlant Based Complementary Alternative Medicine (PB-CAM) offers the best non-toxic and natural approach to healthcare. Through consultation, environmental assessment and natural product development, a Certified PB-CAM Practitioner Consultant is trained to offer the most natural approach to everyday living by pinpointing and replacing toxins in products used for personal care and for the home/office. Highest quality Pure Plant Essential Oils are used to economically replace toxic synthetics used in everything from bathroom cleaners to air fresheners to baby products, and simpler, healthier lifestyle choices are recommended.

For the past twenty-eight (28) years PB-CAM has been involved in the research and practice of Plant-Based Health at every level of the healthcare community. The educational programs are centered on the therapeutic uses of medicinal plant materials: essential oils and related herbs. Information presented by  PB-CAM is based on scientific data, historical uses, anecdotal information, and common sense.

Miguel A. Cisneros-Abreu, Co-Founder

Miguel A. Cisneros-Abreu

Miguel A. Cisneros-Abreu has spent over 28 years of research, education and practice in the field of Plant-Based Health in Complementary Alternative Medicine (PB-CAM). Several decades ago Miguel began his search for methods to relieve pain, stress, chemical exposures and illnesses, and other malfunctions of the body. His quest took him to Native American Tribes and Life Keepers (Medicine Men/Women), where he learned the value of herbs and other natural healing concepts. He has helped thousands of people through his PB-CAM Practice, Education & Recommendations. He is the author of the Plant Based Complementary Alternative Medicine Practitioner Consultant Certification Course, a Home Based Study Program, for those with interest in Practicing Plant Based Health as a profession and/or developing their own non-toxic product line.