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Vegan Food Addiction – Series

Although grain gluten is a plant-based substance it's opiods join milk-cheese as a long-term health detriment... let's explore Vegan Food Addiction.

On Caseomorphins and Gluteomorphins

~Dr. Hagmeyer, drhagmeyer.com

•Food opiods can be very sedating and addictive -  75% of the calories in the standard American diet (S.A.D.) come from wheat and dairy alone

•contribute to autistic symptoms, food addiction, clinical depression, chronic fatigue, caffeine addiction, highway deaths... and more

•Caseomorphins are formed as we attempt to digest casein proteins that occur in cow’s milk.  These culprits can damage the lower intestinal lining via a malabsorption syndrome similar to Celiac Disease ie. Gluten Intolerance.

•Gluteomorphins, derived from gliadin a component of glutenous grains, are:  A) guilty of damaging the lining of the intestinal tract  B) lead to the malabsorption of calcium, iron, B complex, C, and trace minerals ie. Leaky Gut Syndrome  C) contribute to the ill health of the brain and immune system

Issues related to Leaky Gut Syndrome and Food Opiods:

Dr. Elena Michaels ~drelena.com

•Skin (psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo...)

•Muscle & Joint (muscle, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia)


•Most autoimmune issues

•Brain issues (anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain fog and memory loss)

•Glandular (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s and thyroid nodules)

•Excess weight

•Antidepressants don’t work for some people, because their brain inflammation is being aggravated by the drugs and leaky gut syndrome which allows undigested particles to move through the body and cause major inflammation in muscles, organs, skin, glands and the brain..

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