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Zamira on EarthSave

Mama Monkey's Blog 11.13.17

"Vegan Potluck and Partee" ~http://www.themonkeysbanana.com/zs-blog                         by Zamira Moraga - mother of three, trying to live an organic healthy lifestyle every day.

This past summer on July 29th - I was invited to present on Water Kefir at the Earth Save Miami in Coral Gables Congregational Church. I presented on the benefits of this incredible probiotic full of healthy bacteria and yeast that everyone in attendance found delicious. Water Kefir offers a shorter fermentation time of a couple of days in comparison to Kombucha, is vegan friendly, dairy and grain free and delivers a nutritional boost in living form. In order to keep our gut healthy and our immune system strong, we need fermented foods and Water Kefir is similar to soda minus the chemicals. It's absolutely delicious as a coconut, lemon balm, or variety of organic flavors. I presented the attendees with Lemon Balm, Elderberry, Mint, and Cinnamon. It's amazing the reaction people give when presented with the alternative to soda. That's what pushes me to continue to teach on organic methods for the health of our body, brain, and mother earth. I'm grateful to the opportunity and want to advocate more for this incredible organization.
EarthSaveMiami is all about a healthy vegan lifestyle for personal health, to benefit animals, and for our planet. Chef Estela creates unbelievable delicacies that are all plant based and her students produce tasty results. Live food is celebrated as a healthy vegan alternative to pesticide rich, genetically modified foods. Who can disagree with that? Every last Saturday of the month, they host  an all vegan menu of appetizers brought in by each attendee. It's incredibly delicious. I know as I've been there not just to present on Water Kefir but as a consumer of all these wonderful foods. I also brought my kids who enjoyed it just as much and that means a LOT!
I just found out that on December 2nd Earth Save Miami will be hosting GoVegan 2018 PARTEE. It's a celebration party combo of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years Eve rolled into one night of healthy yummy goodness. Party Starts at 5pm, Music, and a live food demo by Chef Estela. All the details are on their website link below. Let me know if you are interested in attending so we can sit at the same table! But BEWARE, you will consume foods you never heard of nor thought possible yet feel invigorated the next day! Here's the details, http://www.earthsavemiami.org/event/govegan-end-2017-partee

and don't forget to bring a plate, utensils, a cup and get ready to enjoy yourself.


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