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  • Baptist Hospital Food-service Breakthrough
    Baptist Hospital Food-service Breakthrough

    EarthSave is pleased to document a breakthrough in patient food-service by Baptist Hospital’s Chef Stan Hodes, in consultation with Mary Shaw, R.D. and EarthSave Vegan Outreach Educator, Chef Estela WindWalker Delgado. EarthSaver in-patients, including cardiology and gastroenterology cases, have long sought healthy, vegan, plant-based meals from Baptist’s Food Service in…

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  • PlantPure Restaurant Campaign
    PlantPure Restaurant Campaign

    Are you a restaurant owner or manager interested in increasing your customer base and bottom line by adding healthy meal options to your menu? Or perhaps you’re a customer who’d like to see restaurants offer more whole food, plant-based options? Restaurants that add a healthy meal to their menu are…

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  • Vegan Food Addiction – Series
    Vegan Food Addiction – Series

    Although grain gluten is a plant-based substance it's opiods join milk-cheese as long-term health detriments related to Vegan Food Addiction. First let's understand the problem...

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  • Big C? Get Big V!
    Big C? Get Big V!

    Meat & Dairy consumption raises acidity, facilitates cancer growth. Solution: veganized cancer response/prevention by Ann E. Fonfa and AnnieAppleseed Project... 12th Annual Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference Food First - March 1-3, 2018  West Palm Beach, FL.   http://annieappleseedproject.org/cancer-therapies-conference/ Always Fragrance-free (avoid perfumes, strong-smelling shampoos, hand cream, etc.). It’s actually…

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  • Earth Day is Every Day, Thanks
    Earth Day is Every Day, Thanks

    'Every day is Earth Day and Thanks Living' ~earthsavemiami.org THANK YOU Live-ers: EarthSavers and Guests Give-ers: TeamEarthSavers THANKS 4 Lives, resources and species saved Better living thru veganism Vegtastic entertainment Not giving up activism Living up to vegan values LiveFood Demos Live speakers, educators, motivators  

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  • Vegan Hot Dogs by Nataly
    Vegan Hot Dogs by Nataly

    From www.planetumoja.com How does Nataly turn carrots into vegan hot dogs... in 24 hours? 5 minute video compresses food prep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdNwM9eJvw8 Nataly's LiveFood Demo on Dec 2.  Watch, taste, learn, DIY.

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  • TryVegan Early Thanksgiving RETRO
    TryVegan Early Thanksgiving RETRO

    Over 140 enjoyed Chef Brook's EARLY THANKSGIVING at EarthSave TryVegan- Tamarac Open Mic featured Artist Michael Clarity, Educator-Author Yonah Demby, Vegtastic Artist Michael Clarity, Chef Estela promoting Jumpstart, Raoul Valle- Greenwave Cafe, Kathy 'Moringa,' Stu Edelman- GiveAways, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Advocate Sandra Campillo (watch her video >click) [video width="320"…

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  • Zamira on EarthSave
    Zamira on EarthSave

    Mama Monkey's Blog 11.13.17 "Vegan Potluck and Partee" ~http://www.themonkeysbanana.com/zs-blog                         by Zamira Moraga - mother of three, trying to live an organic healthy lifestyle every day. This past summer on July 29th - I was invited to present on Water…

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  • Plant-based Nutrition Conference – Notes
    Plant-based Nutrition Conference – Notes

    2017 Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference delivered to appx. 1000 doctors or other medical professionals: 19 talks, cooking demo and discussion panel. latest information on treating patients with a plant-based diet... more is known each year about the causes of disease, and the more we learn, the more we find that…

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  • Happy 38th Vegan B’EarthDay, Regina
    Happy 38th Vegan B’EarthDay, Regina

    Kudos to Regina Levy Cussell, Homestead, FL, from TeamEarthSave Serving Compassionate Vegan Values for 38 years! I could never deign to feed myself at the expense of another creature's life ~Regina ♥Raised 5 vegan dogs ♥Wings of Love Foundation> https://www.facebook.com/WingsofLoveFoundationInc/ Our mission is: • to create a safe refuge for…

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