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  • PlantPure Restaurant Campaign
    PlantPure Restaurant Campaign

    Are you a restaurant owner or manager interested in increasing your customer base and bottom line by adding healthy meal options to your menu? Or perhaps you’re a customer who’d like to see restaurants offer more whole food, plant-based options? Restaurants that add a healthy meal to their menu are…

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  • Vegan Food Addiction – Series
    Vegan Food Addiction – Series

    Although grain gluten is a plant-based substance it's opiods join milk-cheese as long-term health detriments related to Vegan Food Addiction. First let's understand the problem...

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  • Big C? Get Big V!
    Big C? Get Big V!

    Meat & Dairy consumption raises acidity, facilitates cancer growth. Solution: veganized cancer response/prevention by Ann E. Fonfa and AnnieAppleseed Project... 12th Annual Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference Food First - March 1-3, 2018  West Palm Beach, FL.   http://annieappleseedproject.org/cancer-therapies-conference/ Always Fragrance-free (avoid perfumes, strong-smelling shampoos, hand cream, etc.). It’s actually…

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  • Earth Day is Every Day, Thanks
    Earth Day is Every Day, Thanks

    'Every day is Earth Day and Thanks Living' ~earthsavemiami.org THANK YOU Live-ers: EarthSavers and Guests Give-ers: TeamEarthSavers THANKS 4 Lives, resources and species saved Better living thru veganism Vegtastic entertainment Not giving up activism Living up to vegan values LiveFood Demos Live speakers, educators, motivators  

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  • Vegan Hot Dogs by Nataly
    Vegan Hot Dogs by Nataly

    From www.planetumoja.com How does Nataly turn carrots into vegan hot dogs... in 24 hours? 5 minute video compresses food prep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdNwM9eJvw8 Nataly's LiveFood Demo on Dec 2.  Watch, taste, learn, DIY.

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  • TryVegan Early Thanksgiving RETRO
    TryVegan Early Thanksgiving RETRO

    Over 140 enjoyed Chef Brook's EARLY THANKSGIVING at EarthSave TryVegan- Tamarac Open Mic featured Artist Michael Clarity, Educator-Author Yonah Demby, Vegtastic Artist Michael Clarity, Chef Estela promoting Jumpstart, Raoul Valle- Greenwave Cafe, Kathy 'Moringa,' Stu Edelman- GiveAways, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Advocate Sandra Campillo (watch her video >click) [video width="320"…

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  • Zamira on EarthSave
    Zamira on EarthSave

    Mama Monkey's Blog 11.13.17 "Vegan Potluck and Partee" ~http://www.themonkeysbanana.com/zs-blog                         by Zamira Moraga - mother of three, trying to live an organic healthy lifestyle every day. This past summer on July 29th - I was invited to present on Water…

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  • Plant-based Nutrition Conference – Notes
    Plant-based Nutrition Conference – Notes

    2017 Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference delivered to appx. 1000 doctors or other medical professionals: 19 talks, cooking demo and discussion panel. latest information on treating patients with a plant-based diet... more is known each year about the causes of disease, and the more we learn, the more we find that…

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  • Happy 38th Vegan B’EarthDay, Regina
    Happy 38th Vegan B’EarthDay, Regina

    Kudos to Regina Levy Cussell, Homestead, FL, from TeamEarthSave Serving Compassionate Vegan Values for 38 years! I could never deign to feed myself at the expense of another creature's life ~Regina ♥Raised 5 vegan dogs ♥Wings of Love Foundation> https://www.facebook.com/WingsofLoveFoundationInc/ Our mission is: • to create a safe refuge for…

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  • VegSave – private vegan charity
    VegSave – private vegan charity

    VegSave a private charity with vegan values               The Healthy Vegan Lifestyle benefits persons in distress. Financially challenged, homeless, disabled, mentally ill, addicted persons need access to healthy vegan food, iSave and HomeSave. Learning to use Food as Medicine can profoundly influence one's stress…

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